Two new schools were opened


On October 12th, 2012 it was possible to open the first two permanent schools rebuilt after the severe earthquake of January 12th, 2010. This was a particularly joyful day for the three Basler & Hofmann engineers who were actively involved in construction of the schools. The earthquake and hurricane resistant buildings provide 1,600 places for school children and serve as construction standards for future school building in Haiti.

The Directorate for Cooperation and Development (DEZA, 'Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit') has operated as a Centre of Excellence for Rebuilding (CCR, 'Kompetenzzentrum für den Wiederaufbau') in Haiti since July 2010. The purpose of the Centre of Excellence is to develop closer cooperation with local authorities for the building of new schools that are earthquake and hurricane resistant and to draw up common building standards along with provision of training courses for on-site specialists. In cooperation with the National Institute for Vocational Training, the CCR has developed training modules and offers this training to construction industry personnel. Publicity campaigns will raise the general public awareness of constuction requirements for earthquake and hurricane resistant buildings.Basler & Hofmann has supported DEZA from the outset with a specialist earthquake engineer who works for the CCR in Port-Au-Prince.   

Both these schools constitute an important milestone for the work of the Centre of Excellence (CCR) and for the Directorate for Cooperation and Development (DEZA)  which was the first institution to receive planning permission for permanent school buildings. These buildings are optimized to the needs and requirements of the situations and serve as standards for future school buildings. The next school to this standard is planned to be built in 2013.