Webinar series on the use of biosafety cabinets by LabConCert

Seminar series on 4 dates: 28.4 / 7.5 morning and afternoon / 14.5.2021


In diagnostic and research laboratories, it is often the question, whether for activities with potentially pathogenic microorganisms the biosafety cabinet (BSC) should be used. In 2020, WHO published the 4th edition of its Laboratory Biosafety Manual and associated Monographs. This webinar series by LabConCert under the lead of Dr. Felix Gmünder, Senior Expert for biosafety and laboratory safety at Basler & Hofmann, uses a practical example (enrichment and isolation of EHEC/STEC) to discuss the optimal safety measures for (a) a laboratory with good financial resources and (b) for a laboratory with limited financial means. The focus is on whether use of the biosafety cabinet is mandatory or, whether and under what circumstances, working on a laboratory bench is safe enough.

The webinar series is free of charge and will be held in English.

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