Claudio Decurtins

Electrical Planning Engineer / Electrical Fitter

Team Leader Electrical Engineering

Claudio Decurtins knows and understands every aspect of the electrical industry. During his apprenticeship as an Electrical Fitter, he learned to create and maintain electrical installations. Although he really enjoyed the trade, he was driven by a desire to get directly involved in the project planning side of things. After his additional training and qualification as an Electrical Planning Engineer, he looked after a number of projects in building construction and civil engineering as project engineer and project manager. In 2017 Claudio Decurtins joined Basler & Hofmann as a project manager, where he has led the Electrical Engineering team since 2021. He is in-demand as a project manager for a wide range of different objects – from residential and commercial buildings to schools, bank branches and complex industrial buildings. One project he remembers with particular fondness is the planning work he carried out for a section of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

What fascinates you about your work?

Every project is unique. The different challenges posed by our customers and the technical advances made in the field of electrical engineering keep my job full of variety and change.

What is different about working at Basler & Hofmann?

The broad technical knowledge that is available within the company. In-house, we have the right technical expert on hand for every challenge – this is something that adds tremendous value to what we do and makes it so rewarding.

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