Building services

Innovative building services creates the conditions that ensure that residents and users feel comfortable and that resources such as water and energy are used in a way that is both efficient and sustainable. We design and optimise mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. We are always developing and testing new systems and solutions. 

We offer the following services:

  • We design heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems
  • We develop efficient systems for generating and delivering energy
  • We offer consultancy and strategic project management
  • We provide detailed design, construction management and site supervision

Using geothermal, solar and air for heating and cooling

Our engineers, technicians and draughtsmen design heating and cooling distribution systems and systems for supplying fresh air and generating energy. Together with the outer shell of the building, these systems create optimal air quality and temperature inside the building. By working closely with building physicists at Basler & Hofmann we are able to optimise the way in which our clients’ existing systems operate. We also develop new uses for natural sources of energy and put them to good use.

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