Building physics

Thermal insulation, sound and moisture protection – we advise on issues of buildings physics, acoustics, internal climate and air conditioning. As such we work on projects from inception to hand over. As a full-service provider in building construction, we offer integral planning, play an active role amongst the relevant expert bodies and ensure we are constantly up to date with the newest research and development.

Our services

  • Project planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Condition surveys
  • Proof engineering and quality assurance mandates
  • Expert witness services

Object-specific teams

Our experienced building physicists advise architects and general building contractors on issues of thermal insulation and moisture protection. In addition, we prepare expert reports on building damage and issue buildings with Swiss GEAKs, which are similar to British Energy Performance Certificates. We address issues such as comfort and climate control, as well as the effects of heavily glazed facades, or of double facades.