Flood protection

Which areas are particularly vulnerable to flooding and how should urban areas at risk be best protected? Where can excess flood water be drained off to? Basler & Hofmann produces risk maps and strategies aimed at protecting urban areas from floods, debris, driftwood and mudflow.

Unsere Leistungen

  • Restoration work
  • Modelling  
  • Process-related hydrology
  • Risk maps for flood protection
  • Interdisciplinary flood protection projects

Innovative strength for more safety

We offer special expertise in process-related flood hydrology and in modelling the runoff paths of water courses. In order to predict the movement of water, driftwood and debris accurately, we simulate all such movements in a one and two-dimensional way (MikeFlood). We also advise universities on specific, related issues. Our team of experts are members of key national flood protection committees.