Generating power from sunlight in a simple, efficient and direct way:  photovoltaic technology is still relatively young, but it is already tried and tested and demand is soaring. Our experienced design team offers a one-stop shop for everything from design to the operational concept. We cover large scale power stations to complex systems incorporated into the building fabric.

Our photovoltaic services include:

  • We design photovoltaic systems of any types and any size
  • We undertake detailed design and oversee the construction process
  • We offer consultancy, undertake surveys and provide expert witnesses
  • We carry out site studies and forecast revenues
  • We drive innovation and technical developments 

Overall solutions

Environmentally aware investors and utility companies believe we are a strong and reliable partner, no matter how complex a project may be.  The team from Basler & Hofmann, which previously operated under the name Enecolo, has designed, planned and managed a whole range of PV systems all over Europe. Our key strengths include the ability to offer overall solutions combined with building design.


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