At Basler & Hofmann we have decades of experience in mechanical and conventional tunnel construction, in both stone and loose rock and under difficult hydrological ground conditions. Our strengths lie in inner-city tunnel construction and above-ground station construction. We support clients at home and abroad in all aspects of tunnel construction.

Services we offer in underground mining

  • Planning and project development for rail and road tunnels, tunnel systems, caverns and building support measures
  • Condition inspection, repair and renovation of underground constructions without disruption of ongoing activities
  • Integral and interdisciplinary overall project management of large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Supervision of construction and client support
  • Safety and risk assessments, expert’s reports and quality inspections

Your partners for complex tasks

Every planned tunnel construction is a unique project. Specific usage requirements and varying ground conditions call for tailor-made solutions. Our experienced construction managers support clients and enterprises throughout all stages of planning, from the initial study to implementation.


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