Judith Rütsche

MSc Urban and spatial planning

Director Environmental Engineering

Judith Rütsche

Judith Rütsche, an urban and regional planner, is passionate about preserving living environment and helping to ensure the welfare of future generations. Therefore, she is dedicated to spatial development with sustainable solutions. She holds dual Swiss-US nationality, and has gained academic and professional experience in both countries. Since returning to Switzerland in 2006, Judith Rütsche has been focusing on high-density construction and the related participatory planning processes. As head of Environmental Engineering at Basler & Hofmann West, she attaches great importance to teamwork, as, in her view, “the whole is often more than the sum of its parts”.

What fascinates you about your work?

Spatial planning is an interdisciplinary field, with a focus on people and their needs and behaviour within a given space, as well as the economical use of land. The area of spatial planning offers a wide range of possibilities for taking an innovative and creative approach to supporting the sustainable design of our living environment.

What other profession could you imagine yourself in – and why?

Acting has always fascinated me, especially comic theatre. As a teenager, I almost joined the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Ticino. Drawing others into a story, entertaining them, making them laugh and then reflect – this is what I love. Yes, I would like to have been an actress.

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