Daniela Oriet

Diploma in Geography

Project Manager

Daniela Oriet

Daniela Oriet specialises in soil. After graduating in Geography from the University of Zurich, she joined a specialist team for soil ecology and soil protection in 2004, and completed a part-time qualification in Pedological Site Support in Biel. The soil and contaminated-sites specialist has been contributing her knowledge of soil testing and mapping at Basler & Hofmann since 2015. She is involved in the gathering of basic information for a wide range of soil projects, and supervises the Hegmatten flood protection project in Winterthur providing pedological site support, for example.

What is different about working at Basler & Hofmann?

I find all of the fascinating projects and the broad range of specialist expertise extremely rewarding. My personal development is promoted on all kinds of levels – technically, linguistically, in sport and even in my social life. As a mother of three, I also appreciate the opportunity to work part-time.

What do you find makes a project particularly enjoyable?

When I can combine fieldwork, analysis and technical support, and I can both support others with my experience and also gain new experience myself.

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