Christoph Dettling

Architect ETH SIA BSA

Senior expert

Christoph Dettling

Christoph Dettling understands the concerns of architects and planners as well as those of clients. After having studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, he worked in various Swiss architectural offices for several years. In 1996, he started his own business, founding Dettling Wullschleger Architekten. In 2017, he switched to the client side as a client representative at the Structural Engineering Office of the canton of Zurich. After further training in management-oriented business administration, Christoph joined Basler & Hofmann's site development team in 2019. Today, he supports the team with his many years of experience as a senior expert. He is also president of Architektur Forum Schwyz. Whether school buildings, retirement and care centres, residential buildings or service buildings, in Christoph Dettling, clients have a contact person who is very familiar with the needs of everyone involved in planning and construction.

What fascinates you about your work?

Understanding the client’s problem in such a way that we can offer them a tailor-made, goal-oriented consultation based on their needs.

What do you find makes a project particularly enjoyable?

When we are able to support our clients in finding a solution to their problem, taking them one step, or even a whole stage, further.

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