Optimising room acoustics in the planning phase: The new Basler & Hofmann Acoustic Studio

When planning a building nowadays, the focus is on visual aspects. Acoustics are often neglected in the process. This results in the following scenario: clients and architects are confronted with dissatisfied users and can only improve the acoustics by installing expensive retrofits. Imagine if you could experience how a room will sound during the planning stage? This is possible at any time in Basler & Hofmann's new Acoustic Studio.

Acoustics play a major role in determining the degree of comfort felt in a building and whether it can fulfil its function. When planning a building, there are a number of tools available today for assessing the visual impression, such as digital 3D models. But how is it possible to verify the soundscape of a room? 

Auralisations make planned rooms audible 

In Basler & Hofmann's new Acoustic Studio in Esslingen near Zurich, clients and architects have the opportunity to verify the soundscape of a room at an early stage, during planning. The acoustically optimised room with state-of-the-art audio technology plays back high-quality audio files previously created with a simulation program, so-called auralisations. Ten studio loudspeakers arranged in a 3D pattern convey an extremely real, spatial sound impression. On request, visitors can also walk through the room they are listening to thanks to virtual reality (VR).    

Optimising acoustics in collaboration 

Acoustics have a significant influence on the quality of the architecture and vice versa. With the Acoustic Studio, Basler & Hofmann invites clients and architects to discover acoustics as a design element. For example, the influence of different ceiling materials or furnishings on the acoustics can be listened to in the studio and evaluated in joint meetings, regardless of whether the room is an open-plan office, a meeting room or a classroom. A visit to the studio can ensure at an early stage in the planning process that a room will fulfil its acoustic function.   

From room acoustics to sound insulation and soundscape design 

In addition to room acoustics, it is possible to verify the acoustics of a planned building. Another application is noise insulation. How will a noise barrier affect the well-being of people living in a housing estate situated on a main road? The studio will also benefit developers creating the soundscape design of public spaces such as squares or parks.  

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