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Acoustics and noise protection
Airport construction
Alpine photovoltaics
BIM consultancy
BIM planning
Building physics
Contaminated sites
Digital services
Earthquake risk assessment
Environmental planning
Expert witness
Fire protection
Geotechnical engineering
Hot smoke tests with Izar
Hydraulic engineering
Laboratory safety
Noise control
Nuclear power plants – protective asset design
Process and environmental engineering
Rail and light rail
Railway stations
Railway technology
Risk analysis and safety management
Roads and highways
Safety management
Seismic design
Structural dynamics
Structural engineering
Technical Due Diligence
Track design
Transportation planning
Water supply
Wind power
Flood prevention and revitalisation of the Kleine Emme
Optimised tunnel through the Bözberg
“Zukunft Bahnhof Bern”: building a station fit for the future with a new passenger underpass and a new underground station
New Light Rail for Limmat Valley
Reishauer in Wallisellen: new industrial building without interrupting production
School extension Krämeracker Uster: New buildings made of exposed concrete, terracotta and glass bricks
Two pilot projects for parametric planning
Bad Zurzach eastern bypass: easing congestion in a historic town centre
Building a bridge straight from a digital model: BIM pilot project Balmbrücke Meiringen
Rapid protection against flood waters for the municipality of Dielsdorf
A new cross connection for the Schoren tunnel: tendering based directly on the model
Swiss Re Campus: Deconstruction under a gigantic steel structure
Expert interplay of building conservation and fire engineering: Zurich Convention Center and Tonhalle Zürich
Escholzmatt wind park: measurements at 99 metres above ground
The “transparent” street of Küsnacht: BIM pilot project in infrastructure construction.
Holiday Village Andermatt Reuss: a golf course serves as a habitat for rare bird species
Construction of a new building for the Higher College for Health Learning, Central Switzerland in Lucerne
Gubrist tunnel: Easing the pressure at a bottleneck
Licence renewal for Dietikon run-of-the-river power plant
Track renewal for the Schweizerische Südostbahn railway
The Glatscheras Tunnel – restoring a 100-year-old landmark
An apartment building with visionary energy sources
Weinbergtunnel Zurich: Rail tunnel in environmentally sensitive location
Umwelt Arena: Innovative highlight for photovoltaics
Safe storage for millions of books
Viaducs de Chillon: complex anchor renovation
Landquart fuel depot: renovation, conversion and expansion
'Renergia' – where waste produces energy
Runway renovation with a full flight programme
Schlossberg car park
High-speed approach to the Gotthard Base Tunnel
Maschänserrüfe: protecting infrastructure and settlements
River training structures at the Taverna river
Kriens Mattenhof: Expansion of the stop to a full station
A new “Little Manhattan” in Zurich: the high-rise development project “Vulcano”
New flood protection system for the Alpine Rhine
Flood water retention for the city of Winterthur
Hazardous cliff face in the midst of a residential area
A6 Kiesen - Thun: Motorway maintenance and upgrade
Renovation of the SBB repair hall in Zurich-Altstetten
A logistics centre of gigantic proportions: Coop in Schafisheim
A spectacular structure in a sensitive landscape: the Tamina bridge
Unique supporting structure for ETH building
Hanging stairs for the Bürgenstock
A rake protecting Zurich
Bürgenstock: A tourism jewel at high altitude
Track for the Gotthard Base Tunnel
The first energy-self-sufficient multiple dwelling
Stauffacher – a complete renewal
Digitally tailored stabilisation measures
New Police Headquarters and Justice Centre for the Canton of Zurich
The federal inventory of Switzerland's historic traffic routes
The new Löwenstrasse subterranean station in Zurich
Alte Aare: a flagship project for nature conservation and flood protection
Ovra Solara Magriel large-scale Alpine solar plant
Site evaluations and feasibility studies for large-scale Alpine photovoltaic plants
Riedmatt school building, Zug
Am Mattenhof 2, Kriens: New residential and commercial buildings
New kindergarten building in Depotstrasse, Bern
Construction of new geriatric psychiatry wing St. Urban
Clienia Schloessli private clinic, Oetwil am See
Hirslanden Clinic St. Anna, Lucerne Extension building wing G
Lindenheim Emmen: construction of new apartment building
Residential Complex Wyden, Winterthur
East Suurstoffi district in Rotkreuz
Coop production and distribution centre in Schafisheim
Renergia refuse incineration plant in Perlen, canton of Lucerne
Langensand bridge in Lucerne
Test planning – Master plan – City of Zurich – Central Railway Station
Pilot study: Aeschenplatz Basel transport hub upgrade
Operational/design concept for Avenue de Lavaux, Pully
Test planning – Lucerne through station: 2040 station area development
Zurich Airport: new Delta Süd aircraft stands
Test engineer services: Brienz–Interlaken East bridge cluster
BIM-to-Field courses for the Burkhalter Group
N6 Kiesen to Thun South
Bringing together photovoltaics and biodiversity: Site and construction planning for the noise barrier structure at the A2 motorway in Zofingen/Switzerland
Building services planning for engineering works Reishauer AG in Wallisellen
Richti Wallisellen mixed-use development in Zurich ‒ new construction of construction fields II to VI
Safety consultancy for an industrial company with radioactive materials
Office building with Minergie-P-Eco standard in Esslingen
Hirzenbach residential building in Zurich
Sternmatt residential high-rise Mattenhof, LuzernSüd, Kriens
SBB Zimmerberg base tunnel: general planner for railway technology
Zentralbahn: underground relocation of Lucerne Zentralbahn
Rontal feeder road: Buchrain motorway access
SBB Zimmerberg base tunnel
Centre Dietlikon South: Rehabilitation of Neue Winterthurerstrasse
Eglisau hydropower plant: turbine vibrations
Water construction project: Sarneraa in Alpnach
Water construction plans for the river Aare: Upper Belpau and Thalgut–Chesselau
Winterhalder plot in Zurich
Environmental impact report for “The Circle” at Zurich Airport
Vapour recovery system for the Rümlang fuel depot
Temporary switch bridge: Zurich–Altstetten railway station
Maintenance planning for the supply of water for firefighting, national road section N03/76 Murg-Walenstadt
Maintenance planning for the supply of water for firefighting, national road section St. Gallen West – St. Gallen East
Wind measurement in Thundorf in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland
Wind potential studies for different cantons
Virtual reality simulation for renovation of runway 10/28 at Zurich Airport
Supply technology for the Lucerne bypass tunnel: Parametric modelling and visualisation with virtual reality
Review of earthquake engineering of BASF fuel depots in Grenzach
Review of earthquake performance of federal buildings abroad
Ulriken rail tunnel, Norway
Review of Hagenholz tunnel/“The Circle” at Zurich Airport
Bern RBS underground railway station
Potable water supply in Tanzania
Potable water supply in emergency situations in the canton of Uri
Altdorf bypass and diversion of Gotthardstrasse
Ravine bridge in Küsnacht
Conversion and extension of office building in Nidfeld, Kriens: Advice on building physics, acoustics and noise insulation
Solar power for Zurich Airport
Solar power for trams in Zurich
Solar facade in Zwirnerstrasse, Zurich
Vibration dampers: Haggenbrücke bridge
Location evaluation for wind power utilisation in Switzerland
Dams in the Zürcher Oberland region: Sülibach pond
Schweizerische Südostbahn railway: renewal of substructure and superstructure
Classroom extensions – Pfungen
Risk assessment for a financial-services provider
Rontal bridge
Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil
Rotwald tunnel
Demolition and rehabilitation of Oberglatt fuel depot
Renovation of Thalwil gasworks
Renovation and extension of the Institute of Virology and Immunology in Mittelhäusern
Safnern bridge over the Nidau–Büren canal
SBB Lucerne–Immensee road underpasses: UHSC ballast troughs
Renovation and modernisation of the fountain pool at the Moos lake water plant in Zurich-Wollishofen
Driftwood rake in Sihl, Zurich
Revitalization and flood protection on the Alte Aare river, Lots 2–5
Revitalisation and flood protection for the Untere Taverna river, Wünnewil‐Flamatt
Revitalization of the Aare river in Felsenau, Bern and Bremgarten
Revitalisation of the Sihl river basin near the Zurich South motorway interchange
Rigi Bahnen: renovation of Goldau railway station
Reflection study at Cochin International Airport
Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic
Limmern pumped-storage plant
Expert reflection assessments for international airports in Asia
Regiotram Biel regional tram
Test engineer services: ÖBB Rheinbrücke bridge, Lustenau
Test engineer services: Swissgrid pylons
Reishauer in Wallisellen: BIM planning for new industrial buildings
Fire protection for Coop production and distribution centre
Umwelt Arena photovoltaic system, Spreitenbach
Zurich Police and Justice Centre
Coop production and distribution centre in Schafisheim
Photovoltaic systems for the city of Basel
Photovoltaic systems for school buildings in Zurich
Photovoltaics portfolio analyses for Zurich airport
Potential and feasibility studies for solar power of ETH Zürich
Photovoltaics portfolio analysis for the building and infrastructure roofs of the SBB
Potential study for photovoltaics for the logistics centres of the Swiss Post Office
Photovoltaics contracting SBB
Environmental impact report Coop distribution centre in Schafisheim
Photovoltaics programme of the canton of St. Gallen
6. Photovoltaic pergola at Electrosuisse
Planning wind parks in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Kunsthaus Zürich extension photovoltaic system
Pilot project Eigenheimstrasse Küsnacht: BIM planning for the complete renovation of an entire street
Construction of new residential complex and children’s day care centre in Esslingen: Building physics and acoustics
Gotthard Base Tunnel: northern open section
Opéra car park in Zurich
Solar carport for Sauber Motorsport in Hinwil
Flow of people at CEVA railway stations
Northern access road to Gotthard Base Tunnel: Stägwald retaining wall
New level 3 biological safety laboratory for the Institute for Infectious Diseases of the University of Bern
Cham eastern bypass: road construction
Bad Zurzach eastern bypass: road construction
Sustainable flood protection on the river Aare between Thun and Bern: Major project “aarewasser”
Construction of new laboratory building at the Aarau Cantonal Hospital: Advice on building physics and acoustics
Brick facade at residential complex in Winterthur
Mobimo Tower in Zurich
Repair of N3/76 Murg–Walenstadt section
SBB: construction and expansion of the Mattstetten‒Rothrist line
New construction of Giessen measurement station
N08.52 Spiez – Interlaken West maintenance project
Office of Civil Engineering, Building Department, canton of Zurich
“Markwalderkreuzung” in Tagelswangen
Construction of the new “Ozeanium” aquarium complex in Basel: Advice on building physics and acoustics
Construction of a new bus depot and operations centre in Hardau, Zurich: Advice on building physics and acoustics
Construction of new reception building with canteen at Stihl Kettenwerk in Wil: Building physics and acoustics
Construction of new multi-purpose building for the vocational college in Rüti: Advice on building physics and acoustics
Licence renewal process for the Thorenberg power station
Laboratory planning for the Institute of Pathology of the University of Bern
Ettisbühl power plant, Malters
Noise protection on N03/56 Wollishofen – Wädenswil
Noise protection on state roads in the Zurich Oberland
Noise protection Seedorf–Amsteg
Noise barriers for Niederglatt and Oberglatt
Noise protection in Zumikon
Supply of water for firefighting, Zone West, Zurich Airport
Izar hot smoke tests in Hagerbach testing tunnel
Izar – smoke extraction tests in Kaufleuten Zurich
Leibstadt nuclear power plant, review of structural safety of Zent active storage facility
Repair of A1 Zurich East–Effretikon section
Repair of Adler tunnel
Lausanne refuse incineration plant
Leibstadt nuclear power plant, Zent building
Licence renewal at Eglisau power plant
Licence renewal at Etzelwerk power plant
Flood retention area in Hegmatten, Winterthur
Flood hazards map for the High Rhine river: Hydraulic investigation
Floor protection for the Kleine Emme river
The Chedi hotel in Andermatt
Glass roofs of new Vulcano building in Zurich Altstetten
Gotthard Base Tunnel: track
Glattalbahn railway track superstructure
High-pressure pumping station in Riet
High-pressure pumping station Riet in Goldach
High-pressure pumping station in Riet, Goldach
Flood protection at Mehlbach, Engelberg
Flood protection for Dorfbach Schwarzenburg
Hazard mapping for Rafzerfeld
Hazard mapping for Embrach-Irchel
Hazard analysis and preventive planning, canton of Glarus
N6 motorway junction Thun North
Flood risk map for the city of Zurich
Overall renewal of Hunzenschwil/Schafisheim cantonal road
Office building in Esslingen: laser scanning, monitoring and scanning flights with a drone
Flood hazard mapping – Arbogne
ETH Zurich: research building for medical technology
Expert evaluation of vibrating elements
Building services planning for Baku Crystal Hall in Azerbaijan
Building services planning for Europaallee construction site H in Zurich
Pedestrian bridge Seeuferweg Wollishofen
Facade of Cinémathèque suisse in Penthaz near Lausanne
Facade structure for ETH research laboratory
ETH Zurich research building
Expert mandates: CEVA pedestrian link and Route des Nations
Expert opinion on damage suffered by a photovoltaic system after a storm
Zurich Airport: midfield taxiways and apron
Zurich Airport: finger dock B apron
Zurich Airport: renovation of runway 14/32
Track restoration on the A9 motorway in Germany
Zurich Airport: Rapid Exits 28 and Multiple Entry 16
Technical excursion and visit to wind park for the Energy department of the canton of Thurgau
Fish lift in Sihlhölzli, Zurich
Vibration protection with mass-spring systems
Earthquake prevention for SBB Real Estate and SBB Infrastructure
First energy self-sufficient multiple dwelling, Brütten
Replacement of tropical house at the University of Basel
Europaallee construction site F in Zurich
Yield assessment for a large photovoltaic system
Expansion of the Esslingen office building: BIM2Field consultancy and BIM planning
Expansion of the Esslingen office building: Simulation of emergency evacuation in the event of fire
Expansion of the Esslingen office building: Use of augmented reality to install ventilation systems
West Link cross-city link in Gothenburg, Sweden
Zurich cross-city link: Löwenstrasse railway station and Weinberg tunnel
Eigenheimstrasse Küsnacht: Pilot project for BIM in infrastructure construction
Introduction of BIM methodology: Consultancy project for the Civil Engineering Department of the City of Zurich
Digital planning for revitalisation of the Minster river
Carport Grauholz
Zurich West development complex and demolition of Coop distribution centre
Digital planning in the Alpenrhein Flood Protection project
The highest wind power plant in Europe in Gries
CFD simulation for the new data centre “Lupin3”
Consulting on laboratory upgrade from safety level 1 to level 2
Fire protection at Zurich Insurance headquarters
Fire protection at Pizolcenter shopping centre in Mels
Benchmark project SMART2013 regarding earthquake behaviour of nuclear power plant buildings
Brenner railway northern access route
Consultancy on photovoltaic facades for the energy park Energiepark Sisslerfeld, Eiken
BIM planning for cabling systems for construction of a new Bözberg tunnel
BIM planning for renovation and expansion of a warehouse in Embraport
BIM inventory review via laser scanning for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva
Consultation on construction physics and acoustics, construction of a new school building complex in Krämeracker, Uster
Fire safety at Kongresshaus / Tonhalle Zürich with smoke and evacuation process simulation
Advice on building physics and acoustics – new extension building for assisted living, Burgdorf
BIM inventory model for the Monosuisse Energy Centre
BIM inventory model for the Strickhof water reservoir in Zurich
Advice on building physics, acoustics and noise insulation – superstructure building at the Burgernziel tram depot in in Bern
Advice on building physics and acoustics, residential and commercial superstructure building project in Nidfeld, Kriens
Structural safety of Swiss nuclear installations
Baloise Park high-rise in Basel
Löwenstrasse railway station: from idea to commissioning
Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Bellinzona branch
Construction management services Wehntalerstrasse
Löwenstrasse railway station, Zurich: trough bridges
Bahn-GIS für die Transports Publics du Chablais
Zurich South motorway triangle: Sihl bridges
Ambassador House in Zurich
Tägerhalde health and nursing centre in Küsnacht, canton of Zurich
Appenzeller Bahnen railways: St. Gallen cross-city link
Analysis of the photovoltaics potential for Migros Zürich
Expansion of Bern railway station
8-lane expansion of N01 Wankdorf – Schönbühl
Alte Forchstrasse, municipality of Küsnacht
Analysis of the drinking water supply system of Payerne military airport
Augmented reality for underground engineering and installation of utility cables and pipes: field tests in Küsnacht and Pfäffikon, canton of Zurich

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