Office building in Esslingen – one single model for planning and construction

Project overview

Basler & Hofmann is developing their own office building in Esslingen in the canton of Zurich. In our own pilot project, we are looking to push the digital limits in planning and construction, while also ensuring a continuous flow of data. This means all disciplines plan in one single model simultaneously. The model is the only basis for the construction work and will later be used for the management of the building – plans are non-existent.

Our services

‒ BIM coordination

‒ Surveying using laser scanning and photogrammetry/drones

‒ Modelling the existing construction, architecture, support structure and building services

‒ Operating and administering the data platform

‒ Supporting companies with model-based engineering


Expertise involved

Building physics, Building services, Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering


Basler & Hofmann AG


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