Riedtlistrasse Zurich: A high-tech urban civil engineering project

Riedtlistrasse in Zurich is an important inner-city link road for both public and private transport. At peak times, up to 500 vehicles an hour pass in each direction. In 2014, the road and its supply lines – in particular, the large waste water drain up to 9 metres in depth – had to be renovated along its entire length.


Civil Engineering Office of the City of Zurich

For the city authorities, it was important to spare local residents the impact of this work as much as possible and keep public transport running. Riedtlistrasse therefore became the pilot project for an 'intensive construction' technique: instead of taking three years, the renovation was completed in only 10 months. This was made possible by implementation of a two-shift system and the use of prefabricated concrete elements – previously a rarity in civil engineering. This intensive construction method is likely to be applied more frequently in future at urban construction sites, as and when the technique is considered applicable. 

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