Franziska Morganti

MSc in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zurich

Managing Director, Head of Energy and Safety

Franziska Morganti has headed the «Energy and Safety» department since 2024 and is a member of the Executive Board. Prior to that, she established the Renewable Energies department at Basler & Hofmann and served as a consultant and project manager, supporting industrial, private-sector and public-sector clients in the areas of energy, environment and safety. The more complex a project, the more exciting it is, believes Franziska. She enjoys identifying relevant elements and developing one comprehensive solution to address various issues. After completing her apprenticeship as a draftswoman in civil engineering, she studied chemical engineering at ETH Zurich. Her first role after graduating was as a development engineer in plant construction. Following this, she built up the Chemical Engineering section at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), where she served as Head of Group and a lecturer.

What fascinates you about your work?

The interplay between technical components and the human element. It is only possible to develop a successful technical solution when we understand the specific requirements and backgrounds.

What is different about working at Basler & Hofmann?

The vast pool of experts on hand. Whenever you need help, it is incredibly easy to get input from a specialist from another field of competence. With this extensive collaboration we can tackle projects of almost any breadth and depth.

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