Transport infrastructure

We advise and support our clients throughout the entire life cycle of transportation infrastructure - from feasibility studies, project planning and overall management to advice on maintenance management. We are experts for Tunnels and Railways, for highways and bridges, municipal roads and cycle paths, for new construction as well as for repairs. We cover the entire range of topics that our clients are intensively involved in today: from Building Information Modeling BIM to investment planning, from climate change adaptation to the circular economy.

Sustainable Infrastructure

All three pillars of sustainability - environmental, social and economic - play a role in the construction of transportation infrastructure. We integrate economic aspects as well as the impact on people and nature into our considerations. We examine how we can meet the requirements for resilience and durability while reducing the consumption of resources or using recycled materials. At which locations could photovoltaics be integrated and infrastructure structures used to produce energy? We see digitalization as an opportunity for more sustainable infrastructures. In addition to BIM models and geographic information systems, we also record, model and provide data-based decision-making principles for the economic planning of value preservation.

Our expertise

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