Supply and disposal

It keeps our cities and communities alive: the infrastructure for supply and disposal. It is laid underground and therefore often receives little attention, but must meet the constantly growing demands of our society - be it faster communication media, a sewage system that can cope with climate change or new energy supply systems. We understand supply and disposal from concept to construction to management and are partners for municipalities, cities, utilities and district developers.

Planning - construction - management

We are broadly positioned in the area of supply and disposal and can offer the entire Infrastructure from a single source. We plan entire energy networks, develop neighborhoods and sites and provide intelligent drainage concepts at both municipal and site level.
Pipeline construction takes place in densely populated areas with numerous stakeholders. We have many years of experience with very complex underground projects and ensure coordinated implementation on site.

Digital tools have become indispensable for the management of supply and disposal infrastructure. We also advise and support our customers in infrastructure management - from the right geoinformation system to investment planning.

Our expertise

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