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As real estate consultants and construction experts, we advise institutional, public and private clients and owners throughout all phases of a project and at all technical levels: From the investment plan for a property portfolio to the feasibility study for the conversion of an industrial site to the sustainable supporting structure for an ambitious design. Together with architectural firms, we realise buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, meet economic and ecological requirements and create pleasant spaces for users - regardless of whether it is a residential estate, a production building, an office complex, a school or a hospital.

Sustainable real estate over the entire life cycle

Anyone who constructs buildings or operates real estate needs raw materials and energy. Sustainability is therefore a high priority in our consulting and project planning. We take ecological aspects into account, for example by comparing the ecological balance sheets of different structural options or elegantly integrating renewable energy into the architecture. We also ensure that the people who live or work in a development feel comfortable and enjoy a high level of comfort. Because we are convinced that resource conservation, climate protection and comfort pay off in the long term - both ecologically and financially. Thanks to the interdisciplinary structure of our company, we are always able to call in the specialists we need - from acoustics to photovoltaics to sponge city.

Our expertise

Stratus: Our digital solution for real estate portfolio management

Today, anyone who manages real estate portfolios with foresight also has sustainability goals in mind in addition to structural value preservation. Our Stratus software brings all these aspects together on one platform and supports you with condition forecasts, CO₂ analyses and investment plans.

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