Gesche Bernhard

Dr. rer. nat., MAS Business Law

Biosafety Specialist

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Gesche Bernhard is a specialist in biosafety and laboratory safety. Her areas of expertise include biomedical and biotechnological issues in SMEs and industrial companies. Her fascination for complex biomedical issues brought Gesche Bernhard to the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin for her doctorate and post-doctoral studies after completing her studies with a focus on microbiology. This is where she subsequently established the Glykostrukturfabrik. Before joining Basler & Hofmann at the beginning of 2021, Gesche Bernhard served as biosafety officer at the Lonza site in Visp, where she was previously innovation manager and project manager. In this role, she also advised other Lonza sites, both nationally and internationally, and also acted as environment, health and safety (EHS) coordinator for new construction and refurbishment projects. In addition to her biomedical background, Gesche Bernhard holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Law and has furthered her education in corporate governance and management. She is a member of the Swiss Biosafety Network, the European Biosafety Association and the American Biological Safety Association.

What fascinates you about your work?

The sheer number of different projects and clients I get to work for. Every project has its own requirements and parameters. You are right in the middle of the latest biotechnological developments.

What do you find makes a project particularly enjoyable?

When we work together as an interdisciplinary team to find pragmatic solutions to unusual problems that satisfy the client.

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