Tobias Humbel

Civil Engineer (MSc)

Project Manager

Tobias Humbel is fascinated by the combination of functionality, materialisation and aesthetics in structural design. He learned the functions that a structure has to fulfil during his Civil Engineering degree at ETH Zurich. Directly after graduating, he began putting this knowledge into practice at Basler & Hofmann while acquiring know-how in working with various materials such as reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, brickwork, steel and timber. He played a leading role in building the new police and judicial centre in Zurich, supported various data centre projects in international teams up to and including realisation and won the contract for the new timber-frame customs intervention centre in St. Margrethen together with an interdisciplinary competition team. Besides his project work, he is a specialised judge at the Special Administrative Court of the Canton of Aargau. During his spare time, he enjoys working creatively as a photographer.

What fascinates you about your work?

The variety of the projects: each structure is unique and demands specific attention in the design, project planning and implementation phases.

What do you find makes a project particularly enjoyable?

Developing innovative and sustainable solutions in an interdisciplinary team, and being able to think outside the box, are what particularly motivates me.

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