Acoustics and noise protection

Acoustics play a major role in determining whether we feel comfortable in a particular building or room. We consult architects, builders and contractors in all aspects of room and architectural acoustics. Our professional Acoustics Studio equipped with state-of-the-art audio technology makes facilities audible at an early stage in the planning process. Whether open-plan offices, auditoriums or production halls: with their longstanding experience, our experts help to deliver optimised noise protection and comfortable room acoustics.

Our services:

  • Consulting services for room acoustics and architectural acoustics
  • Creation of acoustic 3D models: where expedient, we work with Building Information Modeling
  • Calculations for building and room acoustics, simulations and auralizations
  • Sound measurements
  • Project planning for optimisation measures within existing buildings
  • Creation of noise insulation certificates in accordance with SIA 181
  • Supervision of construction work, including acceptance inspections
  • Measurement of building and room acoustics
  • Expert reports and surveys

A studio for professional acoustic design

In our Acoustics Studio, clients and architects experience what the soundscape of a planned facility will sound like. Ten studio loudspeakers arranged in a 3D pattern convey an extremely real, spatial sound impression. Our experienced acoustics engineers are then at hand to visit clients and discuss their subjective impressions on site and define the best solution for specific acoustic situations. 

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