Airport construction

We design and construct new airport infrastructure, carry out alteration and restructuring work on runways, taxiways, runway aprons and other air traffic installations and give our clients added value throughout the life cycle of the infrastructure. We have been involved in airport construction since 1969 and are now a leading Swiss company in this field, undertaking projects in Switzerland and abroad.

We cover a full range of services in airport construction

  • Geometric and surface design
  • Superstructure engineering and design
  • Supply and disposal systems
  • Beacon and supply systems, docking systems
  • Phasing and construction strategies; logistics planning
  • Construction management and consultancy 

Experienced all-rounders

Our experienced engineers, CAD operators and site managers offer broad
know-how e.g. in concrete surfacing and coating technology, structural design of superstructures, geotechnical engineering, construction of plant management facilities, supply technology, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. We take on projects for our customers and handle the whole process from feasibility study to construction. We ensure that the growth in air traffic can be managed with infrastructure that is both attractive and cost-effective. We also use our wide-ranging expertise to support contractors offering alternative designs, in expert evaluations and other civil engineering projects. This includes special foundation engineering, landfill engineering and mining operations.

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