Alpine photovoltaics

Large-scale photovoltaic installations in the Alpine region benefit from their elevated position above the fog and snow reflection, resulting in a significantly higher proportion of winter electricity compared to similar installations in the lowlands. In September 2022, the Swiss Parliament decided to facilitate the approval and funding of solar power plants in the Alps by adopting the “Solarexpress”. Basler & Hofmann supports investors, Swissolar and the authorities by providing them with access to its proven experience during project planning and the implementation of large-scale projects in Alpine areas.

Our services

  • Location search, for example with GIS processes.
  • Feasibility studies, including the coordination of experts in the fields of natural hazards, geology and 3D modelling and yield simulations for different scenarios (e.g. spacing, angle of inclination, height of mounting systems)
  • Environmental impact assessment and report (EIR)
  • Technical project planning: statics, building ground, energy system, fire protection, development
  • Logistics planning
  • Creation of visualisations, support during the planning permission process
  • Overall planning (SIA phases 2-5)
  • Construction management

Experience with large-scale infrastructure projects and Alpine regions

Project planning for photovoltaic systems in the Alps requires specific specialist expertise: natural hazards in mountain areas as well as increased snow and wind loads place particular demands on the statics of the sub-structures and modules. Furthermore, the systems must be developed for construction and grid connection, while requirements in the areas of nature and landscape conservation also have to be integrated. Our experts have realised various structures in Alpine regions, including wind turbines as well as tunnel and infrastructure projects.

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