Digital services

Different digital tools enable us to quickly collect and visualise existing or planned building structures and processes. Augmented reality and virtual reality, drones or simulation software tools are just a handful of examples of this. Their targeted use helps clients and project participants to better understand building construction and civil engineering projects and to communicate them clearly and vividly. In addition, they make it possible to selectively simulate processes and to deliver required proofs. If an existing building structure needs to be renovated or redeveloped, they provide the necessary basis for digital planning.

Our services

  • BIM inventory models: Development of digital models as a basis for efficient, digital project planning for building construction or civil engineering (with laser scanning and/or drone support if required)
  • Project visualisation and innovative construction applications with augmented reality (AR) and/or virtual reality (VR), virtual 360° inspection tours and panoramic inspections
  • Numerical simulation from 3D to 5D, if required directly in BIM models: simulation of evacuation, flooding, pedestrian traffic flows etc.

We bring the real world and the digital world together

Our experts use their specialist expertise and state-of-the-art technology to translate existing building structures into the virtual realm. But they also understand how to approach the problem the other way around and make digital plans visible in a highly realistic manner. Whether digitally simulating the runway lighting systems of an airport or processing a digital building services engineering model for installation of ventilation systems with the aid of AR – we fuse together the real and digital worlds to suit the needs of our customers.

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