Expert witness

When disasters strike, such as roof collapses, landslides and fires, we expertly analyse and assess damage and potential risks, and prepare damage assessment reports for building owners, companies, insurers and courts in Switzerland and abroad. As engineers at Basler & Hofmann, our consultants have a large pool of experts at their disposal to help them when dealing with particularly unusual problems or situations.

Damage assessment reports, expertise relating to damages, risk analyses

  • assess the cause and cost of damage
  • carry out official incident investigation
  • review cost estimates, calculate construction costs and additional claims
  • offer advice for loss prevention and project improvements
  • undertake safety and risk analyses relating to hazards

Experts with legal flair

Buildings, bridges and tunnels are subject to structural and geotechnical principles and are often vulnerable to vibrations and shock. This applies in particular to infrastructure impacted by construction works, heavy traffic and earthquakes. In the event of damage occurring, our experts take precautionary evidence and assess the extent of the damages. They provide partisan valuation reports, 'Single Joint Expert' and court valuations. As cable car experts they also work for the Swiss Federal Office for Transport (BAV)

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