Fire protection

Fire protection requirements have grown significantly more demanding in recent years: large buildings with sophisticated building technology and complex construction require the collaboration of various technical experts. Early and integrated planning is therefore crucial. We involve the authorities in the planning process from the outset; this reduces the risk of subsequent remedial measures and allows our customers to plan and implement their projects on schedule.

Our services

  • Consultation with builders and architects from the competition phase
  • Comprehensive fire protection concepts with risk assessment
  • Performance-based fire protection
  • Fire simulation with zone and field models for the design of smoke c
  • Evacuation simulation for testing and optimisation of escape routes
  • Site management and quality assurance
  • Fire protection system checks, proof of concept through smoke tests, integral tests of fire protection control systems
  • Evacuation concepts/exercises

Comprehensive planning

From competition to project planning through to implementation and operation of buildings and infrastructure systems, our fire protection engineers work closely with specialists from building technology, structural planning and tunnel construction. The interdisciplinary project teams are always tailored to the specific customer requirements.

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