Geotechnical engineering

We focus on building on, in or with the ground, bringing together all disciplines of earth, foundation and special civil engineering. Which construction method is the most efficient? In order to answer this question, we assess the geological characteristics of the ground and groundwater conditions. We handle geotechnical issues for all types of construction projects involving new constructions and conversions or the renovation of buildings, infrastructural facilities or slope stabilisation. In this work, we collaborate closely with our colleagues from structural engineering. 

What we offer:

  • From concept to implementation, site management
  • Risk assessment and export evaluations
  • Proof of safety, dimensioning and monitoring concepts
  • Finite-element calculations
  • Excavations
  • Permanent or temporary anchorage
  • Lowering groundwater levels
  • Foundations of all types
  • Underpinning and support
  • Retaining walls, general slope stabilisation and stabilisation of landslide-susceptible slopes

Solutions for all types of ground

We combine state-of-the-art academic expertise in geotechnical measurement and project planning with extensive experience in construction practice. In cases involving particularly challenging construction projects or difficult ground, we accurately reproduce the interaction between the ground and the structure with finite-element calculations – also using three-dimensional and dynamic representations. This approach enables us to offer optimised and cost-efficient solutions. On site, our experienced site managers and supervisors ensure that solutions are implemented correctly. 

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