Hydraulic engineering

We combine hydraulic engineering with natural-looking design. We plan a wide range of hydraulic control and protection structures as well as remedial works and restore water courses. To do this we use our considerable experience in hydrometrics and our knowledge of the morphological properties of water and the understanding of ever changing processes of rivers.

Our services

  • Hydrometric measurements
  • Hazard mapping and flood protection
  • Restoration and revitalisation of water courses
  • River engineering
  • Development of concenpts and planification of measures for the usage of hydroelectric power
  • Development of general policies
  • We offer integrated design
  • We monitor and review performance 

Combining human with environmental needs

For the last 25 years we have been working on natural watercourses and devising strategies for hydrometric systems. Our experience of interdisciplinary collaboration, our expertise and sense for pragmatic solutions carry weight when it comes to merging different interests into a strategy for carrying out river engineering structures. 

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