We design hydropower plants. In order to efficiently use the energy potential of water, we conduct feasibility studies to assess a project’s possibilities. We handle the complete planning of new projects, from inception to implementation, playing an active role in licensing of the new hydropower plant. Our environmental experts ensure that adequate compensation measures are put into place where ecological factors are to be considered.

Recognising and making the most of energy potential

  • Facility design and inspection
  • Preliminary analysis, profitability calculations
  • Active participation in the licencing of projects

Monitoring risks and implementing safeguards

In order to recognise risks in advance and avoid problems, we develop concepts for dam cleansing systems and simulate flood waves. Using inundation hazard maps we can pinpoint where and how a dam break might occur. Our team comprises hydraulic engineers and electrical engineers, and our particular strengths lie in hydrology, flood control measures, water supply to turbines, and profitability calculations.

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Related areas of expertise

Environmental planning , Hydraulic engineering