Laboratory safety

We provide guidance regarding safety in biological laboratories, advising clients, laboratory operators and project consultants on structural, technical or organisational aspects. We provide environmental impact reports, develop biological safety concepts and find solutions to contain particular micro organisms safely in BSL-3 or BSL-4 laboratories.

For biological laboratories of all levels

  • Advising client and designers on various aspects of biosafety
  • Guidance for laboratory operators and personnel with respect to documentation and procedures.
  • Biological safety procedures in accordance with Swiss regulations and employment laws (ESV and SAMV)
  • Combining biosafety with good manufacturing practice (GMP)
  • Short incident reports in accordance with the Major Accidents Ordinance
  • Training and instruction of laboratory personnel

Guaranteeing safety

Our international, experienced team of microbiologists and building engineers caters for high security where people and technology meet. In our capacity as biosafety experts, we help develop industry guidelines and are involved with national and international expert bodies. We pass on our expertise through presentations at conferences, and by lecturing at academic institutions.

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