Nuclear power plants – protective asset design

Our strength lies in our independence. We have worked as specialists for the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) for over 30 years. Our work covers everything from site selection to building completion. We ensure that nuclear facilities are able to withstand extraordinary impacts such as earthquakes, tsunamis and plane crashes.

Safety in the event of extraordinary impacts

  • We provide proof engineering for the Swiss supervisory authority ENSI
  • We develop policies and guidelines
  • We verify specifications, calculations and structural plans
  • We develop methods and numerical models for international benchmark projects (e.g. Smart, Karisma)

Adequate safety requirements

We monitor developments in science and technology and work to continually build on our experience. We examine safety reports relating to framework applications for new nuclear power stations. We believe it is important that safety requirements are compatible with current technical developments and future risks. Together with ENSI we evaluate the application of new methods such as Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA).

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Related areas of expertise

Risk analysis and safety management , Seismic design , Structural dynamics