Process and environmental engineering

Manufacturing, processing, handling and storage of chemical substances, hazardous substances, combustibles and propellants or waste are all subject to legal requirements for the protection of humans and the environment. Our experts develop professional, budget-conscious solutions for newly constructed buildings or for the renovation of all types of systems. Whether in the chemical, petrochemical, thermal or energy sectors, we guide you with our expert knowledge and our experience and are happy to take over project management, construction management or overall project management on your behalf.

Our services

  • Engineering for tank depots and petrol stations for liquid and gas fuels (CNG, LNG, hydrogen) with environmental engineering advice, planning and implementation for handling and storage of hazardous substances (storage concepts), and advice for sites where industrial accidents could occur (storage quantities, extinguishing water reserves)
  • Planning of process engineering systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in the environmental technology sector (waste water, ventilation, waste)
  • Evaluation and advice in terms of explosion protection (ATEX) and the creation of explosion protection documents and Ex-Zone plans (SUVA 2153, Ex-RL)
  • Risk evaluations and analyses in accordance with HAZOP/LOPA/SUVA
  • Creation of piping and instrumentation diagrams and 3-D CAD planning of buildings and technical systems with pipeline isometries (BIM-compatible)
  • CFD simulations for solving fluid mechanics problems (gases, liquids, particles and their mixtures, heat flows) and modelling of diffusion scenarios

Comprehensive advice from the initial idea to commissioning

Whether you are planning a new construction project, renovation or extension, we can advise you and determine the necessary technical systems, buildings and spaces. Projects that are partly based on older plans in particular require an in-depth understanding of the existing interfaces as well as the necessary knowledge and experience in terms of how to use existing structures in an optimal way. Thanks to our company’s interdisciplinary structure, we can always call on specialists from different areas of expertise and offer you comprehensive advice.

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