Rail and light rail

European rail traffic is growing at an increasingly faster pace. This requires new alignment and track systems that must be able to cope with very high speeds and meet the demands of a modern railway. Basler & Hofmann is deeply involved in these large-scale projects, which can take many years to complete. Our strengths in this field include our professional know-how in railway technology and the ability to carry out construction work while rail systems are in operation, as well as our experience with challenging ground conditions and dealing with the environmental impact of our projects.

High-speed and city railways

  • Feasibility and option studies
  • Track alignment
  • Permanent way design
  • Tender documents
  • Construction management and site supervision
  • Strategic project management

All the necessary expertise under one roof

Our engineers, draughtsmen, construction supervisors and environmental specialists implement both large-scale heavy rail projects and smaller projects for city rail and tram networks. Along with feasibility studies and track alignment, we are experts in designing earthworks for track bed and track systems, as well as installing ground and track drainage systems. We work very closely with our teams from the bridge, tunnel and road engineering fields, as well as our experts in track technology.

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