Railway technology

Railway construction involves a wide range of technical facilities, many of which are often complex in nature. At the same time, environmental factors, such as noise and vibration mitigation, must be considered. This is why our rail technology team provides comprehensive solutions. We calculate the necessary technical equipment for both overground and underground railway lines – with overhead contact lines, track technology, cable systems, emergency exit routes, lighting and security features. We devise concepts and complete plans for the removal or renovation of level crossings.

Our Services

  • Project management and overall planning
  • Tender documents
  • Detailed design
  • Construction management and site supervision

Established partnerships

Our engineering teams take on the entire task of planning and coordination for railways companies or total services contractors, from commissioning rail and construction companies, from project proposals through to approval and documentation of all technical equipment. Together with technical safety specialists, we work out ideas and solutions for level crossings which, in Switzerland, all have to be renovated by 2014.

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