Risk analysis and safety management

Do you plan to introduce an integrated risk management system? Is your business particularly susceptible to hazardous materials incidents? Does your business involve the transportation of hazardous materials? We analyse and assess the risks posed by dangerous substances, natural hazards and complex technical systems. We possess a great deal of expertise in seismic probabilistic risk analysis (SPRA) for nuclear installations.

Dangerous substances, natural hazards, technical systems

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Development of acceptance criteria, protection targets and risk matrices
  • Recommendations and planning of risk reduction strategies
  • Reviews of existing risk analysis methods (plausibility, usefulness, criteria)
  • SPRA for nuclear installations

Expert knowledge and methodological competence

Those risks which are of relevance and those which are acceptable can vary starkly. That is why our risk assessment is based on an initial system boundary definition, which we work out with the client before taking any steps. As leading experts in risk analysis, we are committed members of national and international bodies which share expertise and research, and represent Switzerland in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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