Roads and highways

Whether it’s motorways with rest areas or inner-city streets that need to accommodate many different types of road users, roads have to fulfil a vast number of different requirements. This makes planning and constructing them a highly complex task. Our team constructs and repairs high-volume roads, main roads and side roads, drafts complex construction processes and traffic routing concepts, and plans any necessary noise protection measures. We promote participatory planning processes to produce solutions that will receive approval while considering all the stakeholders involved.

Our services

  • Overall project management for the construction and repair of high-volume roads, main roads, access roads, inner-city roads and noise protection structures
  • Research, planning and organisation of small and large projects, support during the approval process
  • Condition assessment and recommendations for necessary measures
  • Site management and construction supervision
  • Construction management services
  • Expert evaluations
  • Road safety audits

Experience with building information modelling (BIM) for road construction and civil engineering

Together with our clients, we have completed pilot projects that demonstrate the huge potential of planning infrastructure using the BIM method. A digital model of the infrastructure provides our clients with a comprehensive knowledge platform that shows, for example, which type of which material was used where – important information for potential future renovations.

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