Structural dynamics

Undesired vibrations in structures and their installations can be caused by traffic, construction work or other impacts. We perform structural-dynamic analyses in order to determine whether a structure is safe and fit for use at all times – both now and in the future. We identify the significant influencing factors and devise measures aimed at reducing vibrations. 

What we offer:

  • Analysis of relevant impacts such as people, traffic, wind, earthquakes, rockfalls, construction work, collisions and machine vibration
  • Investigation of causes based on our experience, dynamic analyses and measurement of vibrations on the structure
  • Vibration calculations and dynamic analyses using state-of-the-art calculation methods and programs
  • Conception and planning of measures aimed at reducing or eliminating vibration problems
  • Supervision and quality assurance during  the implementation of measures

Validated calculations and forecasts

We cover the entire range of calculations and modelling – from straightforward linear 1-D simulations to complex non-linear 3-D simulations. Close collaboration between our specialists from the disciplines of structural dynamics, vibration protection and geomatics enables us to validate our forecasts with measurements, continuously improving our calculation methods and models as a result. We also take part in international benchmark projects with this aim in mind.

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