Water supply

How much drinking water does the municipality need? Is the available spring water or groundwater sufficient, or is an additional groundwater well or pumping station required? How does the water get to the customer? We develop solutions ranging from general water supply planning to network projects for drinking water or process water and drinking water supplies in emergency situations and translate these into concrete measures.

Our services

  • General water supply planning
  • Design of supply networks and (inter)regional connection pipes
  • Modelling of drinking water and firefighting water networks
  • Groundwater wells, pumping stations, reservoirs
  • Underwater pipelines
  • Drinking water supplies in emergency situations
  • Planning of measures for water pipes for firefighting in motorway tunnels

Wide-ranging specialist expertise

Our broad specialist expertise ranges from the modelling of drinking water supply networks to project planning for pumping stations and installation shafts for fittings, on top of which we also offer great experience in the planning and dimensioning of retaining wells and return flow wells.

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