Basler & Hofmann establishes a competence centre for renewable energies

On 19 October 2020, Basler & Hofmann AG took on the team of experts at New Energy Scout GmbH. The team’s expertise in the areas of wind, solar and biogas is an ideal complement to the know-how of Basler & Hofmann in the area of renewable energies. The goal of the new renewable energies competence centre at Basler & Hofmann is to develop complete energy systems, from the production of sustainable energy to distribution and storage through to monitoring and optimal operation.

Stefan Wehrli and Eric Langenskiöld welcomed the team in line with coronavirus protocols. From left to right: Michael Altherr, Peter Schwer (front left, seated), Corinne Bryner, Eric Langenskiöld (front right, seated), Stefan Wehrli and Alexander Kupfahl.

The specialists at New Energy Scout offer a full range of services related to renewable energies: from feasibility and potential studies to system planning and design through to due diligence reviews. Their clients include investors as well as power stations, cities, municipalities, farms and major international corporations. The company focuses on wind, solar and biogas as sources of energy. On 19 October 2020, the team of experts became a part of Basler & Hofmann. Basler & Hofmann is taking over New Energy Scout’s business operations in the area of services.

Basler & Hofmann has had a strong foothold in energy consulting and photovoltaics for many years. With the addition of the experts from New Energy Scout, Basler & Hofmann has combined all of the disciplines needed for the development of complete energy systems under one roof. The aim is not merely to optimise energy production, but also to ensure the optimal use of renewable energies throughout the year. Energy storage, transmission, distribution and monitoring play a key role in this respect.