Basler & Hofmann takes over the business activities of roadconsult

3 April 2017 – The company roadconsult specialises in recording the condition of municipal and cantonal roads, documenting where maintenance is required and supporting municipal authorities in planning value-preservation measures. Basler & Hofmann has already been working together with roadconsult for a number of years and will now take over the business activities of owner Thomas Egli. Basler & Hofmann will thus be able to provide clients with a complete package of services aimed at preserving the value of road infrastructure: from the analysis of current road conditions and the integration of data into all kinds of geoinformation systems to maintenance, investment and financial planning using the Stratus Infra software. The range of services will also include strategic maintenance planning and the implementation of value-preservation and structural maintenance measures.

Thomas Egli founded roadconsult in 1996 and since then has developed a well-founded system for the analysis of the condition of municipal and cantonal roads. This system is based on the 22 defined damage patterns of the SN 640 925b standard. His trike, which is specially equipped for assessing road conditions, has been a constant companion to him and has covered more than 8,000 kilometres over the past decades, enabling him to provide his clients – primarily municipalities – with a precise picture of the condition of their road networks. Basler & Hofmann will take on both the methodology used to assess the roads and the technical equipment of Thomas Egli, who wants to reduce his workload. He will, however, continue to be actively available to the team as an external expert.

For Basler & Hofmann, this service perfectly complements the company’s wide-ranging offer for municipalities. The condition data can be georeferenced and thus integrated in any geographic information system of a city or municipality. This means that the people responsible for civil engineering can gain an overview of the condition of the respective road network from their desk and thus plan measures more efficiently. The potential loss in value can be demonstrated by means of a simulation. At the same time, the data can be read directly into Stratus Infra – a piece of software used for maintenance, renovation and financial planning in connection with infrastructures. Using Stratus Infra, all maintenance and renovation work can be scheduled and short-, medium- and long-term financial requirements can be determined or, where necessary, staggered. Basler & Hofmann also provides advice and support in connection with strategic maintenance planning and the planning of specific value-preservation measures.

Contact for further information:
Loris Detti
Project Manager
Phone +41 44 387 14 22