Basler & Hofmann West AG changes to Gruner AG

With retroactive effect from 1 January 2021, Basler & Hofmann West AG, a Zollikofen-based company that is active in building services, civil engineering and spatial planning, is transferring its employees to Gruner AG. After the change, the company will operate under the name Gruner starting in February 2021.


Basler & Hofmann West AG emerged from the merger of two engineering companies in 2010 and was an independent company within the Basler & Hofmann Group. Basler & Hofmann Holding pursues the goal of operating from a few key locations with a single engineering, planning and consulting company in Switzerland known as Basler & Hofmann AG, which is based in Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, Berne and Basel. A suitable new parent company for Basler & Hofmann West AG has now been found in Gruner AG. With the exception of the Signalisation and Traffic Telematics department, whose employees are transferring to Basler & Hofmann AG, Gruner is taking over all employees. Basler & Hofmann AG will continue to operate in the Bern region.