Changes to the Executive Board of Basler & Hofmann AG

There will be two changes to the Executive Board of Basler & Hofmann AG at the beginning of 2021. Gregor Schwegler will leave Basler & Hofmann at the end of 2020 to work for the canton of Lucerne. The Cantonal Council has elected Gregor Schwegler to be the new Cantonal Engineer and Head of the Office for Transport and Infrastructure. With over 30 years of professional experience in civil engineering, he is perfectly suited for the role. After managing his own company together with Jürg Büchler for ten years, Gregor Schwegler has been instrumental in shaping Basler & Hofmann’s activities as Head of the Technology Centre since 2006. Leaving Basler & Hofmann is not a decision Gregor Schwegler took lightly: “We made a good team on the Executive Board. What I especially appreciated was the freedom you have at Basler & Hofmann to work on new projects independently. Above all, I will miss the many great people with whom I had the privilege of working. A lot of friendships have been made here.”

Jürg Büchler is another member of the Executive Board of Basler & Hofmann AG who will step down at the end of 2020. He wants to free up more time for future projects. Jürg Büchler will continue to support the company as Head of the Central Switzerland market segment. He will also carry on his activities as a member of the Executive Board and department head of Basler & Hofmann West AG.

The Executive Board would like to thank Gregor Schwegler and Jürg Büchler for their dedicated service and wishes Gregor Schwegler all the best for his future with the canton of Lucerne.