Europengineers launches the “SEED” knowledge platform for the implementation of the circular economy in planning and construction

Europengineers is a network of leading European engineering companies. Experts from a total of 10 companies, including Basler & Hofmann, meet regularly to exchange ideas. Recently, the association went online with its latest project, “SEED”, a public project database for planning and construction professionals to implement the circular economy.

“SEED” stands for “Sustainability Europengineers Database”. With the web-based project database, interested architects, planners and contractors have access to Europengineers member projects in which the principles of the circular economy have been implemented in an exemplary manner. The projects are divided into four categories depending on the focus of the measures implemented: design, dismantling, storage and further development. For each project there is a short profile, photos and a contact for further information. Basler & Hofmann, for example, uses the new police and justice centre in Zurich to illustrate the use of recycled concrete and CO2-reduced cement.

With SEED, Europengineers is addressing the fact that the global construction industry is one of the largest consumers of resources. “The platform is the result of a joint design sprint by Europengineers. During the sprint, we discovered that knowledge and practice inside the circular economy vary greatly in different European countries,” says Tobias Humbel, project manager for Structural Engineering at Basler & Hofmann and co-developer of SEED: “With SEED, we want to make existing knowledge and our experience with the circular economy publicly available and thus contribute to more sustainability in planning and construction.”

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About Europengineers

The Europengineers network currently consists of 10 engineering and consultancy companies. The members hail from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Basler & Hofmann has been part of the network since the very beginning more than 50 years ago.

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