New website of our subsidiary Arch'Lab in Singapore

Arch'Lab in Singapore has been part of the Basler & Hofmann Group since the end of 2015. Arch'Lab is a specialist for conversions and new buildings in the healthcare sector. Since the beginning of 2020, the three-member team from the former Basler & Hofmann Singapore has also been integrated into Arch'Lab as a unit. This is also reflected in the new website of our Singapore subsidiary.

Arch'Lab is an established partner in Singapore for the construction and renovation of hospitals, laboratories and high-security facilities. With the integration of the team from the former Basler & Hofmann Singapore, Arch'Lab has expanded its core competences to include construction technology. In this area, the team offers business development consulting and engineering services. This puts the Basler & Hofmann subsidiary in an ideal position to develop solutions for even larger projects in the emerging healthcare market in Singapore.

Arch'Lab's 24-strong team provides an insight into its core competencies and project portfolio on its new website: