Greencity Zurich: Drainage according to the sponge city principle

On the former Sihl Manegg industrial site, a quarter with apartments, a hotel and workplaces has been created on an area of around 65,000 square meters. The forward-looking development concept includes sustainable rainwater management, which is based entirely on the sponge city principle. The water is stored on site, infiltrated or evaporated and thus kept in a local cycle.

Basler & Hofmann developed the drainage concept for the entire site and coordinated the planning and implementation of the new infrastructure. The specifications were strict: no rainwater was to be discharged into the public sewer system. Infiltration troughs, green spaces and permeable surfaces ensure that rainwater is fed into the groundwater. In the event of heavy rainfall, the water is temporarily stored, which reduces surface runoff. The stored water can be used for irrigation during dry periods, which promotes evaporation and contributes to a pleasant microclimate, especially during hot spells.

Our services

  • Analysis of the potential for implementing the sponge city principle
  • Advice on integrating sponge city elements into the architecture and landscape architecture
  • Drainage concept for the entire site
  • Dimensioning of retention and infiltration systems
  • Project planning of drainage pipes and coordination with other trades
  • Coordination with specialist planners and approval authorities


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