New cross-connection for the Schoren tunnel: Submission directly from the model

As part of the renovation of the A1 urban highway near St. Gallen, a new cross-connection is being built in the Schoren tunnel. The Federal Roads Office FEDRO is using this sub-project as a pilot for Building Information Modeling BIM and, with the support of Basler & Hofmann, has realized a Swiss-wide premiere: the tendering of a public infrastructure project directly from the model.

In order to increase safety in the Schoren tunnel, the new QV8 cross-connection is being created, which serves as an additional escape route. Construction will take place via a logistics shaft, from which two cross-passages will be constructed by mining. These cross-passages connect to the existing tubes. The QV8 project offered FEDRO an ideal opportunity to use BIM not only in the planning phase, but also in the tendering process.

With the support of Basler & Hofmann, a public infrastructure project in Switzerland was tendered directly from the model for the first time. Current tendering practice is based on 2D plans and extensive specifications. For BIM projects, this means that the models created in the planning phase have to be laboriously broken down into individual service items for the submission in accordance with the established standard item catalog (NPK). In order to be able to tender the QV8 project directly from the model and at the same time in compliance with Swiss public procurement law, Basler & Hofmann provided a specially developed, web-based platform that enabled software-neutral bid preparation.

The project demonstrated the advantages of model-based tendering in public procurement: It enabled a better understanding of the project on the part of the bidding contractors, increased transparency and facilitated a leaner process, as a continuous flow of data was ensured from planning to submission to the construction site.

Our services

  • Planning services from project planning to realization
  • BIM methodology consulting
  • Development of the submission platform for tendering from the model
  • Support for the contractor during execution from the model
  • Construction management and invoicing from the model database
  • Advice and support for FEDRO technical support in use cases and in the development of processes to generate added value from the new possibilities
  • Training and knowledge transfer


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