Tiefenbrunnen heating network, Zurich

The Tiefenbrunnen heating network uses lake water from Lake Zurich to supply energy to around 5,300 residents in the Tiefenbrunnen district. Basler & Hofmann was responsible for the project planning of the plants from the preliminary project through to commissioning.

The Tiefenbrunnen heating network is intended to make an important contribution to the decarbonization of the heat supply in the city of Zurich. The task was to create a technical solution for heat generation of around 10.6 MW. The main heat pump center with ammonia heat pumps is embedded underground in the urban area. There is also a peak load center with a gas boiler (5.6 MW) in the Tiefenbrunnen housing estate.

Basler & Hofmann developed an optimized overall system consisting of lake water collection, central heating systems and district heating network - with special consideration of costs, operational safety and project risks. In addition to project planning for the HVAC systems and the measurement, control and regulation technology, the team also took on the design of the district heating network and was responsible for the overall management of the peak load center in a housing estate. In close coordination with the property management, an existing heating center with a capacity of 1.5 MW had to be converted into a new center with a capacity of 5.6 MW. The entire project was planned and built using the BIM method.

Our services

  • Consulting and project planning for the heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary systems, electrical, GA, MSR incl. technical coordination - from preliminary project to commissioning
  • Layout development for the two heating centers
  • Overall lead for the optimization of civil engineering, expansion and supply technology with regard to layout design as well as investment and operating costs
  • Overall lead for the planning of the peak load center including structural engineering
  • Design of the district heating network taking into account GIS data, building data, connection probability and simultaneity (model- and script-based calculation)


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