Structural engineering

Whether high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and laboratories, car parks, housing, industrial or commercial buildings, we convert architects’ design concepts into efficient structural systems so that they realise the architectural vision and meet current engineering standards. In building renovation projects we ensure that modifications make optimal usage of the existing structure, while also taking into account aspects of historical preservation.

Structural systems which combine cost-effectiveness and the best in engineering techniques

  • Feasibility and option studies
  • Structral engineering from inception to completion
  • Quality control
  • Expert witness
  • Proof engineering services

Where experience meets common sense

Our skilled structural engineering team has experience with steel, glass, timber, reinforced and prestressed concrete, as well as composite construction. We build new structures, carry out building modifications, building extension work and adding new storeys, always ensuring that buildings are earthquake-proof, economical, robust and adaptable. In renovation work we respect existing structures of a building, check the extent to which a change in use will interfere with this, and work accordingly to find appropriate but pragmatic solutions. Our clients are from the private, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as public authorities.

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