Transportation planning

We shape mobility. We analyse networks and spaces, design street space, roads and tramlines when the existing situation is no longer fit for purpose. In this process, we seek the best solution for all user groups, means of transport and the various forms of use over the course of the day.

What we offer:

  • Transportation concepts and street space design for motorised private transport, public transport and pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Fitness-for-purpose assessments of road projects
  • Concepts and feasibility studies for tram and bus
  • Concepts and measures for pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Transportation studies, simulations and modelling
  • Railway stations: people flow analyses and conception of public facilities, integration into the railway station environment
  • Design of bus stations and other public transport interchange hubs
  • Spatial planning and economic issues

Integrated transport solutions

Our strengths lie in the integrated approach we take to user requirements and transport engineering. We design public spaces and study the impact of transport throughout the network, as well as at key points and hubs, attaching particular importance to coordinating developments and traffic. We enter design competitions with our innovative concepts.

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